The Authors

Maria José Cardoso de Souza  and  António Villar de Souza, after their individual academic periods and acquiring personal experience, with large curriculums within the Plastic Arts and since becoming a couple, have gone on to work together in constant research.

Perhaps because they live in the middle of the countryside they have been influenced by animal life, giving special importance to pack hunting, where they began to express themselves through the blue cobalt rustic ceramic technique with which they very quickly made a name for themselves. (consult

Subsequently, they went on to draw in ebonite and blood-red, aquarelle, oil and sculpture on bronze and some of their larger works are to be found in private gardens and along the motorway to the south.

They have always given exhibitions together both in Portugal and in Spain and are now favourites of many collectors in various countries in Europe , the United States and Brazil .

They now have many admirers who let them paint their favourite animals, such as dogs and horses.

The serigraphies in this catalogue are reproductions of originals by the authors, in editions of fifty numbered and signed copies.

We hope you will like and want them!